LF/PR: is a

creative development partner that brands through Good causes, Storytelling and Music, founded in Amsterdam by Luana Ferreira in 2016.

LF/PR: advises

creatives, artists, entrepreneurs and established business to make the best of their campaigns and strategies, combining traditional marketing to the causes we all care about. We create and support stories, series, trainings and performances that make the world a better place. For us, that passes through  the causes of Diversity&Inclusion, Gender Balance, Environmentalism, Responsible Media Consumption, and Conviviality.

LF/PR: carries the core  values of Love for what we do, Freedom of creation and expression, Purpose as a starting point and Respect for people, businesses and the planet.

LF/PR: provides

Storytelling: Get to know how to book a performance or attend to our thematic monthly series.

Music Curatorship: Enjoy our selected concerts and have a great musical experience.

Trainings&Consultancy: Learn how to design and share your true authentic story.

LF/PR: expertises

are international marketing and communications, branding, market&trade development, events management, music and storytelling.

Why LF/PR?

Our mission is to infuse stories with relevance and impact. After working for several companies, in different regions and roles,I realized impact starts within us: If we want to live in a better world,  we need to start becoming better ourselves.  I decided to come closer to my passions and to bring people together around them. I love music so I organize shows. I want women to thrive so I support and create stories for gender balance. I want nature to be preserved. So I promote brands and people who preserve nature. I love to hear good stories. So I have trained to tell them myself and help others to do the same. Because overtime we connect around a good story, the world becomes a better place.

We are LF/PR, Nice to meet you. If you want to know concretely what Creative Development can do for you and or your business, let’s have a coffee.