International Creative Development

LF/PR is an international creative development agency that gives advice, creates concepts and trainings related to Art, Storytelling, Music, Media and Good causes. It was founded in 2016, by Luana Ferreira, in Amsterdam.

Why LF/PR?

Our mission is to infuse stories with relevance and help them to have the reach and impact they deserve. Because every time we connect around a purpose driven story, show, concept, campaign, (web/TV) series, the world becomes a better place. We carry the core values of Love for what we do, Freedom of creation and expression, Purpose as a starting point and Respect for people, businesses and the planet. We are here to advise, train, create and develop.


LF/PR advises, trains and supports creatives, artists, entrepreneurs and established business to make the best of their stories turning them into meaningful campaigns, strategies, pitches, presentations, projects, scripts or any creative product needed to spread your word out there.

Our approach is tailor made and involves finding out the truthful essence of  your message in a well balanced mix of

  • Public Relations and Image building through Storytelling;
  • Traditional Marketing Strategy and Communications campaigns to reach the target audiences;
  • Design Thinking elements to spiral your impact into the world.

We create and support stories, events, series, trainings and performances for companies and the people behind them. Each trajectory is unique and adjusted to your needs. We offer:

  • Creative Advice&Consultancy

    From a brainstorm into an idea. From an idea into a concept. From a concept into the world. We help you to bring your dear project to life in three simple steps (on 1:1 personal sessions).
  • Trainings&Series Development

    Learn how to design and share your true authentic story in six steps. Or get to know our signature series with a call to action for change, so we can make the world a better place together (on group trainings).
  • Concepts Creation&Development

    Have a dream, a start up or a creative child you want to bring into the world? We help you to structure the program, the marketing and the connections you need to take off (On assignments).



  • “Luana is one of the early supporters of the Ladies club Amsterdam. She also presented her workshop “The Best Story is You!” for our international group of ladies in a professional and fun way. We went through a presentation of the images of women through the centuries, what was very insightful and mind changing. Afterwards we have crafted a story that we wanted to tell about ourselves. The presentations were touching and real. Highly recommend it!”

    Yana KaloshinaInitiator Ladies Club Amsterdam |Events&Communications Director at Phenix Capital
  • "Luana works in a very structured way, which is very pleasant. During our sessions it enabled us to really focus on what is important within our business and story. She has a natural feeling of picking your brains and getting you out of your comfort zone. In the beginning it is a little awkward but definitely worth it!"

  • “You have done such a fantastic job putting Bison Rio together and moreover holding it together when in Rio, that I feel as somebody who is at the beginning of the project owes you a great thank you and wants to give you a major compliment. An overseas trip in such a short time, with at times an overloaded program, is immensely difficult to pull off and you did it. I hope we will work again in the future of Bison Caravan.”