LF/PR: Who we are

LF/PR is the brainchild of Luana Ferreira and is born as a PR + Experience + Concepts Consultancy Agency for Creative Industry,  with  passion for telling good stories.  For good stories, we understand the ones that have a positive impact on people, an element of surprise and let us longing for more. In this scenario, we turn our eyes to arts and creative industry  and start up operations creating relevant concepts for our partners and clients, based on principles of arts, creativity, and the new economy. We focus on innovative approaches and the people behind the business, showing the difference they are making in the world.

LF/PR: What we do

Consultancy for (International) creative development: Communications and Public Relations Strategy,  Research,/Market Entry Plan, Representation, Matchmaking,  Marketing&Sales;

Concept Development, Formats creation and Project Management  for Music, Arts, Design, Fashion, Gastronomy, Film, and Hospitality;

Storytelling and  Experiences with focus on Diversity, Gender Equality, Sustainability, and Conviviality.

LF/PR: Why choose us?

With an international mindset,  we match world class management acquired in top companies to structure and market creative products and its makers. We aim to bring concepts from the new economy back to the traditional industries and clients we serve. We work as a bridge, connecting  like minded people and companies, in partnerships to create sinergetic projects, where profit is matched with authenticity, social relevance, purpose, and fulfillment.

We are LF/PR, Nice to meet you. We hope to see you soon!