Entrepreneuria: the joys and perks of starting your own business

Entrepreneuria#1 – The Sky is the Limit! 

(Or Why to start a business in first place?)

One day I was staring at those trees, talking to a good friend of mine. We were discussing the life style of having a high profile job when you were just over 30’s. Wake up early, make long hours, fight yourself into a rightful place in the meeting room, have the feeling you need to kill 100 beasts a day. It wouldn’t be so bad if we just stood behind the companies’ values… If we could just connect with its purpose, to some idea that we’d actually be helping, not hurting the world.

Then we started to wonder: which kind of business is actually made to stimulate and benefit from the full potential of people? What is right equation in doing what you love, having the creative freedom we aspire to, with a purpose that makes our actions worthy and respect for people and the planet? We then talked about art, creative industries, our passions, more gentle ways of doing business. And how to earn a living with that.

As we wondered,  I took this shot.

These Royal Palm trees have marked the day that I’ve surrendered to the desire of making things differently. They gave me a sense that the sky is actually the limit. This is the day when I chose to become an entrepreneur.

I wasn’t naive though, my mom had been one as well. I knew what it’d take: hard work, the right market feeling, mastering areas I wasn’t so familiar with, make it profitable. Choose business above family and friends many times. All of that for the joy of being you own boss.

I found inspiration on the Japanese concept of IKIGAI that means ” a reason for being”. The values you live for, where you find yourself most at ease. I was determined to find my IKIGAI before I started my business.

Through the years, I went on cherishing the idea, creating projects, testing concepts,  pivoting, talking to people. Investing here and there to develop concepts and projects I found worth of my IKIGAI. Waiting for the time  when  the right balance of personality fit, knowledge acquired, what brings value to people and the world, and what brings value to me would come together. To find that sweet spot where what we love, what the world needs, what we are good at and what we are paid for meet.

My reason of being is to craft stories that have a positive impact in the world. And help people to do the same with the reach they deserve. From the experience I have gained in the industries of events, marketing, media and communications +  my own passion for arts, storytelling, music + the wish to apply it all to causes that matter, I found my rightful place as a creative consultant, a  trainer, and a creator.

If you have also found your IKIGAI, I would love to hear all about it! If you want to find it, want to creative develop your project, creative concept or tell stories for a better world together? Let’s talk!

With love, freedom, purpose and respect, I am excited to share it all with you. Now it feels good, the time is right!  Welcome to LF/PR!

Luana Ferreira is founder at LFPR, a PR Consultancy for Internationalization of Creative Industries :: PR&Communications:: Concepts :: Experience :: Market Development:: Strategy:: Marketing&Sales :: International Representation :: Matchmaking ::

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