This is my story. 

I grew up in Brazil with inequality all around me. I never understood why I was the one inside the car while another little girl, just like me, was begging on the streets outside. Even at a young age, a strong sense of social injustice burned inside me that still rages today.

I moved to the Netherlands in my early twenties  to pursue my dreams. Sidestepping gender and diversity hurdles, I climbed my way in the corporate ladder. But when I got there, I felt none of the fulfilment I’d been hoping for.

On a quest for meaning, I travelled the world, researching new industries, cultures and movements. I listened to hundreds of business leaders, artists, musicians, philosophers, entrepreneurs and educators. I was inspired in so many different ways.

It gradually dawned on me that I had found the answer I’d been searching for. it did not lie in any one of the stories I’d listened to.

It lay in all of them.

Because how can we make a better world without ensuring it is good for everyone?

This realisation has brought me to the decision to dedicate my life’s purpose and career to awaken the power of stories within as many people as possible.

Sharing stories can enlighten, engage and empower. A story well-told can put a little girl from the streets of Brazil through school. But we need her story to be told. And to be heard by the right people. And that is the challenge.

With a new sense of purpose, I listened to old stories and helped shape new ones. I studied the structure of the perfect story and, based on >5000 tales from all over the world to develop my own six-step methodology that makes every message more memorable, connective and profitable to all involved.

By helping people create and tell their own tales, I discovered the impact stories can have in education, the creative arts and, specially, in business.

Transforming views that need update. Creating connections that can change the world for the better.

That is the power of stories.

Now let me ask you a question:

Are you happy with the story you’ve been telling?

Or with the stories you’ve been hearing around you?

Or ultimately:

What is the story you want to tell?

If you are a creative, a business owner, a film director (or all of them these days ;-), I can help you with setting the fundamental stories for your venture, your project, your crew, the society. Those Stories everybody gets helped by.

I provide 360 consultancy&advice on   programs&trainings,  scripts&stories, business&development, marketing&distribution through an innovative Storytelling approach.

In the stories part I fill some… stories sometimes. If you feel inspired or curious, you can also book an introduction session with me.

I’ll be happy to hear from you soon!

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