What is the story you want to tell?

As a plant, every strategy starts in a seed. If we want to eat apples, we should plant apple trees, right?  Where do you put your focus when it goes about stories?

What about if I present you with a framework that makes Storytelling easy, efficient and touching, time after time? Connecting your why with your objectives. In business. In life. Aligning them with the communities, companies, societies you’re part of? Make them grow consistently across everything you publish?  Then every time you tell a story, you are actually changing the world in a way ALL benefit. Awesome, isn’t it? 😉

So bear with me: book one of my signature sessions for Strategic Storytelling Advice.

Who is it for?

  • C-suit executives seeking to re-frame company narratives to our times;
  • Scale up Marketing Communications Professionals seeking to align their growing teams around the same story,
  • Entrepreneurs who want to craft their marketing strategy infusing stories from purpose to impact,
  • Creatives that want to sharpen up their ideas and are seeking how to bring them into the world.

How does it work?

In 2 hours long Creative Development Session, we go through the foundations of storytelling theory and techniques to design a sound compass for your stories based strategy.

It is given on a

  • 1:1 basis, where we uncover your core values and use different design thinking and co-creation tools to match your brands’ and life’s objectives to relevant stories.
  • 2-3 Executive team alignment sessions;
  • >6 Extended team alignment sessions;


The Marketing&Stories roadmap: a stories centred strategic marketing plan that reminds you of why you are telling and to whom.

The Brands&Stories tactic  plan: to guide you what, when and to whom to connect and drive the stories to the biggest reach and impact.


  • Getting crystal clear about your purpose;
  • Building a curated set of stories that resonate to it;
  • Moving  across countries and cultures without getting lost in translation;
  • Getting confident in putting yourself out there;
  • Unleashing your unique voice on the stories that matter to you and your team;
  • Connecting to your team and audiences from a deeper level;
  • Learn storytelling hacks to make your zoom meetings more engaging and fun.

    Consultancy & Creative Advice packages (1:1 Basis)

    Do you want to know how does it work for you?

    • "In the creative sessions, I hold space and give practical advice on personal stories and how to connect them throughout your marketing and communications. I offer a toolbox to unleash your creativity while embedding your unique voice into all of them, how to align with your teams and share them with the world.

      Luana Ferreira