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In 2014/2015, I took some months off to explore Film Making: I enrolled in a course in Amsterdam and started to help in the MARCOM, Brand plan and team set up for Cinemasia 2015 to understand the industry. On that time I first developed a short movie called “ The Journey Within” that was completely auto-biographical and was a lot of fun to make.  And never published.

These two experiences made me start to write scripts and I spend nights awake perfecting the craft, writing characters and dialogues. Here you find most of my creative production and original ideas in AV.


Malas, Memorias e Queijos was the first web series of the Brazilian food industry. Our challenge was to bring an unknown cheese brand into the market. In 14 episodes we’ve conveyed the brand ambassador ’s message with a brilliant cooperation  with Love Brands and Brasileira Films.






Madly in Love with the Oosterpark is a  series of 6  short stories in the coolest park of Amsterdam. that in 2021 becomes 130 years old. https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLcfAxzDXfsAH5fKctGxMyghzfOgC0H-Yr 

Original idea & Production: Luana Ferreira LF/PR Creative Development Studio in partnership with Andre Kloer of March 21 Films. (filming and editing).

(Part of the series Stories for a better World)

The Tarsila Project

To give visibility to Brazilian Art history and its (female) artists, I’ve designed a couple of concepts. The Tarsila platform was the first of them. Do you know whom Tarsila do Amaral was? link to film to be loaded

Bison Caravan Rio

What happens when a group travels together around the world  connecting art and nature? Everywhere they stop a group exhibition takes place. The Bison Caravan was a project developed together with Carp-Brazil and united >60 artists from all backgrounds. https://youtu.be/ZkItJIWBOXE 



1) Produção das artes 360


2) Bison Caravan Jacarandá Art Club


3) Despina Produção das Artes


4) Despina Abertura da Expo


5) Festival Música da Alma


6) Documentário final com todos os vídeos mesclados e mais 4 vídeos editados:

2 na Casa França, 1 em Paquetá, 1 com entrevistas no final. 


Mentorship in stories:

Jefferson for Fawaka Young Leaders Program


Scripts for Film: 

In Lockdown: One day I met Andre Kloer and we went talking for PR for the 48h project. We ended up co-developing the scenario/script and dialogues for “ In lockdown” prized by the 48h film project in Amsterdam for best Direction, Art, Scenario, character and script. 

International Festival Relations

Curral: https://vimeo.com/542266300 

Through Casa da Gente Produções I got to work with Zefiro Films on the international distribution of Corral: a movie by Marcelo Brennand produced by Barbara Maranhão that unveils the intricate game behind the perpetuation of parties in power using (the lack of) water in the rural city of Gravatá. Curral won the best narrative feature in the 24th edition of Brooklyn Film Festival.

Short scripts/Stories (coming soon).

The Journey Within: 

The Queen of the Night

The Sang of three races

Want to have an overview on how to cooperate? I write stories and scripts for our times. My focus is on gender balance and D&I in media and film. You too? Let’s talk!

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