Creative Development Studio

Nowadays, we can access all information in the entire world. Anytime. Anywhere. Imagine every unwanted message as a plastic bottle in our oceans. And now imagine these oceans being our brains. How can we avoid the pollution? Or recycle what we are receiving? Or even better: make sure the pollution doesn’t get there in the first place?

2020 has forever changed the way we communicate. It’s fair to say that the world right now needs new stories.

Our mission is to create a better world through the stories we tell.  And  to help YOU do the same.



The stories we share are central for shifting the quality of our connections. For the work we do. And, ultimately, for our lives. Imagine how much impact your company can make creating inclusive narratives? Reviewing the stories put in place when the world was still operating through old paradigms? Strengthening your teams with the ones that take in account the new demands of our companies and societies?

To help you reframe your stories – conversations, products and mindsets – I offer three services where new frontiers of communicating for positive impact await you:

Consultancy & Advice

From a brainstorm into an idea. From an idea into a concept. From a concept into the world. We advise you to design your purpose driven story  in 3 simple steps,

(on 1:1 sessions)

Trainings & Program Design

Want to learn how to tell a great, relevant, juicy story? Follow our masterclasses and programs, to connect with your teams and audiences whilst having fun.

(on >6 group trainings)

Stories & Scripts

This is the part where you meet the creator: You can book performances, buy scripts, and hire me as a Chief Storyteller for your company!

(on assignments)


  • “Luana is one of the early supporters of the Ladies club Amsterdam. She also presented her workshop “The Best Story is You!” for our international group of ladies in a professional and fun way. We went through a presentation of the images of women through the centuries, what was very insightful and mind changing. Afterwards we have crafted a story that we wanted to tell about ourselves. The presentations were touching and real. Highly recommend it!”

    Yana KaloshinaInitiator Ladies Club Amsterdam |Events&Communications Director at Phenix Capital
  • "Luana works in a very structured way, which is very pleasant. During our sessions it enabled us to really focus on what is important within our business and story. She has a natural feeling of picking your brains and getting you out of your comfort zone. In the beginning it is a little awkward but definitely worth it!"

  • “You have done such a fantastic job putting Bison Rio together and moreover holding it together when in Rio, that I feel as somebody who is at the beginning of the project owes you a great thank you and wants to give you a major compliment. An overseas trip in such a short time, with at times an overloaded program, is immensely difficult to pull off and you did it. I hope we will work again in the future of Bison Caravan.”

  • “Luana is a fast, sharp, enthusiastic, smart, strategic and curly writer that you cannot miss if you want to hit the spot in one go. Fortunately I didn't have to miss her because she helped me put three strong case studies into words. Call her and get results!”

  • “ Luana has oriented me to find a more structured way to I can meet my objectives. This process together is being precious.”

  • The workshop last year with Luana was really fun. Making a vision board, writing a letter to myself, chitchatting in between and getting subtle guidance. The power of her workshop showed itself soon enough, when my vision board realized itself in a few weeks (and no, not by lack of ambition). This year, somebody said to me: “I sense you will have a great Liberation Day (May 5) this year.” In the middle of lockdown, I was completely ready for a great day, so sat on the couch waiting for the skies to open, invitations to drop in, lotteries to be won ;-) Nothing happened. The next day, I was searching for a license number and opened all drawers… and a letter fell out of one of them. “For Helene, to be opened on May 5, 2020”, it stated. To be honest, I did not recall right away it was the letter I wrote at the workshop. But I was flabbergasted by its’ content. Not only the best love letter I ever received, but it so utterly accurate described what I had been doing between writing it and opening it and reminded me to celebrate my accomplishments. I don’t get it. As if I had a clairvoyant moment under Luana’s wings. I definitely recommend you to attend!