From 2000 to 2014 I have managed projects, analyzed and modelled data, developed markets, campaigns and brands for companies as Petrobras, ACNielsen, Infoglobo, Heineken, Unilever, FrieslandCampina.

At Petrobras and Infoglobo, I had junior roles in Institutional Communications. At ACNielsen in  Market Research and analysis for clients as L’Oreal, Cintra Beer, Embelleze Cosmetics, British and America Tobacco, Garoto Chocolates.

At Heineken I coordinated a 30.000 outlets trade census and developed markets in Lebanon (Heineken International/Brasserie Almaza). I also wrote my MSc Thesis about the world of Brand Experience in Amsterdam (Heineken Experience). 

At Unilever, I helped categories (spreads, meat, breakfast & sauces) to grow  through placement, when marketing investments have reached the top of brand awareness. Connected with supermarkets in Holland to increase profitability through Geodata modelling.  Launched innovative sustainable concepts in the market, as the first natural margarine (Becel Gold Nordics NPD). Re-designed whole range of primary and secondary packages through the margarine portfolio. Developed Digital and ATL campaigns with local Nordics teams.

At FrieslandCampina: I’ve built a whole new brand from the scratch (Kroon) through the first web series of the Brazilian food industry(Malas, Memorias e Queijos). It rolled out on a 360 campaign with trade marketing activation. At Dominican Republic, I positioned and launched 360 campaign for ”Frico”. Activated “A Dutch Masterpiece”  and a portfolio of smaller cheese brands in the Caribbean.


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