Program/Series Design


A common activity of the Public Relations career is to organise events. It is a vocation we hold in the family:family dinners and trips were a constant when I was growing up. At the University I have specialized in all aspects of events production: talks, seminars, shows, trips. Curating content from experts so people can have the best of learning and entertainment is something that I love to do! Here you can see some examples of the projects I’ve created in this field:


“What’s about Rio?” brought together creatives from the Brazilian and Dutch scene at Pakhuis De Zwijger. In Social Entrepreneurship, Design and  Art.


“Art Talks” at KunsthalKade:  and CARP has contextualized Brazilian Art History in the exhibition ” Soft Power, arte Brasil” 




Music Curatorship: “The Brazilian Music Series” at the Bimhuis was a concept of music and storytelling held from 2014 to 2018 at the Bimhuis. Where I (The Rio Edition NYE + 3 shows, celebrating the 100th anniversary of Samba). Sounds of Brazil in 5 delightful sessions to the Bimhuis mixing the feminine voices and the finest of the instrumental scene, at the Sounds of Brazil curatorship. The Brazilian Music Series curated and produced 60 years of Bossa Nova, the iconic trademark music style of Rio.

In the Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro, managed the PR of Bossa Nova Noites, a series of 9 shows with Alexandra Jackson and Daniel Jobim, around the city’s Olympic houses and hot spots.

On the 8th of March The Eva Stories and the Festival Musica da Alma took place in the iconic Bar Semente in a touching homage to Women and the stories they cherish.

On going:

Masterclass “The Best Story is You!”

The Eva Stories (Storytelling Nights)

Stories for a better world 

Book Intro Talk