• Creative Advice&Consultancy

    From a brainstorm into an idea. From an idea into a concept. From a concept into the world. We help you to bring your dear project to life in three simple steps (on 1:1 personal sessions).
  • Trainings&Series Development

    Learn how to design and share your true authentic story in six steps. Or get to know our signature series with a call to action for change, so we can make the world a better place together (on group trainings).
  • Concepts Creation&Development

    Have a dream, a start up or a creative child you want to bring into the world? We help you to structure the program, the marketing and the connections you need to take off (On assignments).

  • “Luana is one of the early supporters of the Ladies club Amsterdam. She also presented her workshop “The Best Story is You!” for our international group of ladies in a professional and fun way. We went through a presentation of the images of women through the centuries, what was very insightful and mind changing. Afterwards we have crafted a story that we wanted to tell about ourselves. The presentations were touching and real. Highly recommend it!”

    Yana KaloshinaInitiator Ladies Club Amsterdam |Events&Communications Director at Phenix Capital
  • "Luana works in a very structured way, which is very pleasant. During our sessions it enabled us to really focus on what is important within our business and story. She has a natural feeling of picking your brains and getting you out of your comfort zone. In the beginning it is a little awkward but definitely worth it!"

  • “You have done such a fantastic job putting Bison Rio together and moreover holding it together when in Rio, that I feel as somebody who is at the beginning of the project owes you a great thank you and wants to give you a major compliment. An overseas trip in such a short time, with at times an overloaded program, is immensely difficult to pull off and you did it. I hope we will work again in the future of Bison Caravan.”

  • “Luana is a fast, sharp, enthusiastic, smart, strategic and curly writer that you cannot miss if you want to hit the spot in one go. Fortunately I didn't have to miss her because she helped me put three strong case studies into words. Call her and get results!”

  • “ Luana has oriented me to find a more structured way to I can meet my objectives. This process together is being precious.”

  • The workshop last year with Luana was really fun. Making a vision board, writing a letter to myself, chitchatting in between and getting subtle guidance. The power of her workshop showed itself soon enough, when my vision board realized itself in a few weeks (and no, not by lack of ambition). This year, somebody said to me: “I sense you will have a great Liberation Day (May 5) this year.” In the middle of lockdown, I was completely ready for a great day, so sat on the couch waiting for the skies to open, invitations to drop in, lotteries to be won ;-) Nothing happened. The next day, I was searching for a license number and opened all drawers… and a letter fell out of one of them. “For Helene, to be opened on May 5, 2020”, it stated. To be honest, I did not recall right away it was the letter I wrote at the workshop. But I was flabbergasted by its’ content. Not only the best love letter I ever received, but it so utterly accurate described what I had been doing between writing it and opening it and reminded me to celebrate my accomplishments. I don’t get it. As if I had a clairvoyant moment under Luana’s wings. I definitely recommend you to attend!