About Luana

    "After working for several companies, in different regions and roles, I realised impact starts within: no waiting for governments, the ideal job, the right time.  I decided to come closer to my passions and to bring people together around them. I love music so I organize shows. I want women to thrive so I support and create stories for gender equality. I want nature to be preserved. So I promote brands and people who preserve nature. I love to hear good stories. So every opportunity I went listening to them and have trained to tell them. And help others to do the same. Big changes start with small ones. My career has taken different turns till I found my life purpose: to create stories that make the world a better place. I do that as a creator, a teacher and a concepts developer.

Luana Ferreira, MSc
International Marketing & Communications Expert  | Experience Maker | Storyteller

Born and raised in Rio, based in Amsterdam since 2005, Luana is an all- around marketing communications professional with passion for stories, arts and music. She is graduated as a Public Relations  by the State University of Rio de Janeiro (UERJ) and as an Economist (pre-master) and a Master of Science in Marketing,  for Arts and Entertainment by the Free University of  Amsterdam (VUAm). Further degrees are related to Project Management, Digital Development (Unilever), Digital Film Making (SAE), Contemporary Arts Studies (Sotheby’s Institute of Arts) and Professional Storytelling (Mezrab).

Luana is a world citizen and has been active across several fields of commerce in different countries and industries. Ranging from Education, Oil&Gas, Research, Media, FMCG to Non-profit and Creative industries. From 2000 to 2014 she has managed projects, developed markets, campaigns and brands for companies as ACnielsen, Infoglobo , Roberto Marinho Foundation, A Hora do Brasil Foundation, Heineken, Unilever, FrieslandCampina, with an eye for relevant concepts  and opportunities to generate business return.

In the past, it has included coordinating a trade census and developing markets in Lebanon (Heineken/Brasserie Almaza), discovering  and testing the world of Brand Experience in Amsterdam (Heineken Experience), helping categories to grow  through placement, when marketing investments have reached the top of brand awareness (Perfect Store – Unilever), launching innovative concepts in the market, as the first natural margarine (Becel Gold Nordics),  building a whole new brand from the scratch through the first webseries of the Brazilian food industry (Kroon) or positioning”Frico” and activating “A Dutch Masterpiece”  cheese brands in the Caribbean. She believes the sky is the limit  and approaches new projects with fresh eyes, dedication, and respect for people’s stories, talents and background.

In 2015, Luana has decided to follow her passion and has entered the world of enterpreneurship in International Creative Development. Inspired by the Benetton campaigns where Art, Advertisement and Activism met, she started up her own consultancy, signing  the Creative Direction of A Hora do Brasil Foundation, where she is a co-founder and has developed  concepts and projects since 2005. The Tarsila Platform and the Urban Poets formats for art  were born and she has advised the MARCOM team set up for Cinemasia Amsterdam.

In 2016, has launched  “The Brazilian Music Series” at the Bimhuis a concept of music and storytelling (The Rio Edition NYE + 3 shows, celebrating the 100th anniversary of Samba).  The seminars “Art Talks” were organized in cooperation with KunsthalKade and CARP and “What’s about Rio?” brought together creatives from the Brazilian and Dutch scene at Pakhuis De Zwijger. In the Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro, she managed the PR of Bossa Nova Noites, a series of 9 shows with Alexandra Jackson and Daniel Jobim, around the city’s Olympic houses and hot spots.

In 2017, organized with Carp Brasil Bison Caravan Rio, where 9 Dutch artists have travelled to the city and in an intense 10 days program, created a unique exhibition with more than 40 participants where visual arts, performance and music pieces touched upon universal themes as colonial past, our relationship to nature, gender and pop art connected through the image of the Bison.

On the 8th of March The Eva Stories and the Festival Musica da Alma took place in the iconic Bar Semente in a touching homage to Women and the stories they cherish.  In the same year, The Brazilian Music Series brought the Sounds of Brazil in 5 delightful sessions to the Bimhuis mixing the feminine voices and the finest of the instrumental scene.

In 2018, for the Brazilian Music Series she curated 60 years of Bossa Nova, the iconic trademark music style of Rio worldwide. She started up “Stories for a better World” a concept to help companies, creatives, and individuals to tell their authentic stories and capitalize on them from a Marketing perspective.

In 2019, she started to perform as a Storyteller and is expanding her business training people to tell  stories that are driving positive change around the world, and dare to innovate in their fields to shift paradigms and create true connection for the sakes of a better future for all, not a few.

With Love, Freedom, Purpose and Respect: Welcome to LF/PR!

More Info: pr@luanaferreirapr.com